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Basic Understanding
    Photography (Photography): Greek.
    Photos: Light
    Graphien: Drawing
    Photography: drawing objects by using light.
Camera Work Principle
    Light into the camera through the lens.
    Objects to be captured image can be seen in the viewfinder.
    In light of the analog camera is used to burn the movie.
    In the digital camera light that is received by the sensor is then converted into digital data. The data is then stored on storage media such as SD card, CF, MMC, etc..

Combining Audio Into A Multimedia Presentation

Describe digital audio formats
    Digital Audio
    Digital music is the harmonization of the sound recording made by conventional and synthetic sounds that are stored in the computer technology-based media.
     Digital format can store large amounts of data, long term and widely networked.
    Knowing Types of Data
    Data Audio
    Audio data is a voice that sounded like the original is issued and recorded from the device sounds.


 Two years later, in 1968, the term "multimedia" is re-adjusted to reflect the work of a political consultant, David Sawyer, Sawyer's husband of Iris, one of producers in L'Oursin Goldstein. In the intervening forty years, the word has taken on different meanings. In the late 1970s, this term is used to describe a presentation consisting of a multi-slide projector is set to track audio. [Reference?] However, in the 1990s 'multimedia' takes the meaning of this moment.
        The use of German society, Gesellschaft fur deutsche Sprachgebrauch, decided to recognize the meaning of words and ubiquitousness in the 1990s with the award 'Word of the Year "in 1995. Institute summarized its rationale by stating" [Multimedia] has become the central in the new media world of the beautiful ".

Develop Proposal Offers

Analyze the project requirements
        Definition of Proposal

The proposal is a form of design activity that is created in the formal and standard forms can also be stated that a written document prepared by the entrepreneur that describes all the relevant elements, both internal and external, regarding a new business or project, or it can be said that the business proposal is a written document contains about the efforts that are being planned.
    Factors of business proposal:
Realistic goals
Time limits
Benefits of business proposals:
1.    Useful to compare the estimates with actual results.
2.    Helps entrepreneurs to develop and test strategies and expected results kandari other party's point of view.


Understanding Storyboard
Explaining Storyboard
     Storyboard is another way to explore the possibility of narrative or to train an appearance. Parents say that "a picture can explain a thousand words" is very suitable for storyboarding.
In general, the making of films, comic books and animation, a script was developed before the storyboard created. Lighting the story does not always require Generally, the making of the film, comic books and animation, a script was developed before the storyboard created. Lighting the story does not always require a complete script to take advantage in the process of storyboarding.
But we must have stories and stories that have a strong concept. A good storyboard can help us understand a story that is unusual or facilitate the development of the original story.
A storyboard is a series of serial images, with or without words, which tell a continuing story. Art and storyboard sheets are available at the store art needs, but we can also create your own.

Applying The Technique Picture Production

Explain The Operation Of Video Camera Procedures
Step 1, drag it to the top of the viewfinder
Step 2, insert battery and press  down to click.
1. Install batteries in the battery which is located on the back of a video camera handy, make sure the battery is inserted correctly and not upside down to brand Sony TRV355E.
  The pre-ignition
Parts of a video camera handy brand Sony TRV355E
1. Lens cover
2. LCD screen
3. The key LCD screen
4. Volume keys
5. Battery
6. Key battery
7. Power button
8. Button start / stop recording
9. Enter the power jack from the adapter
10. Place string handy camera

Parts of a video camera handy brand Sony TRV355E
11. Information battery
12. Key light
13. Key quality color
14. Lens
15. Mikrophon / mike
16. Blinker record
17. Infrared (record in the dark)
18. Button control video
19. Use the button lights
20. FADER button
21. BACK LIGHT button
22. FOCUS button
23. Remote sensor lights

2. Install a video cassette that is located at the bottom of the body from a video camera handy
Step 1, click the button note the direction the arrow and open the cover camera.
Step 2, enter the position on the cassette tapes glass window visible from the top and press the center of the rear cassette.
Step 3, after the storm down automatically tapes and press down the cover tapes.